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The easiest way to create and edit videos.

Top-Tier VC Backed
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Montra is a video creation tool as familiar as Google Slides. Easily import a presentation, record slide by slide, capture your screen and more. Creme helped launch Montra into the market, breaking new ground for a seamless user experience in presentation software.

The Brand

Montra came to us with a different name and brand. They were looking for a refreshed brand, for their new product direction. Collaborating closely, the focus was on a strong and recognizable logo with a supporting color theme. The brand plays the lines of edgy and strong, yet still simple and elegant.

The product

We wanted to re-invent the main editing interface to something we’re all familiar with: presentation software. Thinking about video blocks as slides gives you the ability to easily rearrange, delete or replace certain blocks without needing to redo or change others. We designed a simple dashboard where you can manage all of your projects with the click of a button. Edit lessons, upload slides, and manage your profile right from your dashboard. We designed a slide-by-slide recording feature to make it easier than ever to record over your slides with a script. With one click, you can create a simple moveable video overlay of yourself talking or recording.

The results

We’re proud to have played a crucial part in Montra’s early days. We helped define everything from the name of the company, to designing the brand and product, and finally developed their MVP product. A few months after our engagement started with Montra, they slowly opened their beta group to start collecting feedback. Since then, they have gone on to raise two rounds of funding from top investors and continue to build out their team and scale at an impressive rate.

"Working with Creme was a game changer for Montra. The speed at which they operate paired with their high quality design standards resulted in a beautiful, elegant and and intuitive product that wowed employees, customers and investors. "
Campbell Baron
CEO and Founder @montra

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