Building up the next generation of creators

Building up the next generation of creators




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Creator Now is a cohort-based creator accelerator made by Youtuber, Airrack. The app is built to guide, educate, and motivate like-minded creators to grow in their online communities. We were brought on to design & develop the Creator Now web app.


The main dashboard allows creators to get a full view of their upcoming challenges, their stats, and their team. Users have the power to create content that drives coins, badges, and recognition all from one central dashboard.

Leaderboard &stats

Gamification and recognition are central to the Creator Now platform. The leaderboard shows a high level view of the creators stats to encourage them to make great content and grow their channels fast.

Weekly challenges

Weekly challenges push creators to make great content with the potential to go viral. Users are given a task and limited timeline to create different captivating videos, allowing them to grow and learn each week.
Creator Now has launched in niche communities in over 50 countries. It hosts some of the world’s biggest creators, and continues to build up new creators. Creator Now went on to raise a venture round of funding, and are in full thrive with a growing team, and community.

Kate Ward

COO @ Creator Now

“Creme helped us design & develop an MVP for a product with Bubble, and just months later… we raised a seed sound for the company. They have been a phenomenal sparring partner in developing roadmaps, and incredibly talented in building fast + efficiently + beautifully. 10/10 would recommend.”

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